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Stories from 2023’s Low Income Support!

  1. Chris lives in his car with his dog of 7 years and uses the day shelter facilities almost every day for meals, hygiene, and support. He could move into the shelter, but he couldn’t take his dog. Chris’s car is legally registered, but he needs to move it every three days so it won’t get towed. His car wouldn’t start, and he couldn’t repair it, and his $900 monthly income wasn’t coming in for another week. He reached out to us for support. We got his car working, and he quickly moved it so it wouldn’t get towed. If it were towed, Chris said he’d live on the street since he wouldn’t give up the dog. In the last six months, we’ve repaired his car twice to keep him and his dog safe in his temporary home.
  2. A family of four with an older RV was coming from Portland to Salt Lake. They came through on a Saturday and were very low on gas and had no idea how they were going to get to the support waiting for them in Salt Lake City. After interviews with local case managers, it was determined that support was needed, and we provided a $50 gas card and a $25 food card to keep them safe and on their way.
  3. A veteran living in low-income housing got a new job, but it required taking the bus. It would be a few weeks before he got his first paycheck, so we provided him with a monthly bus pass to allow him to keep his job.
  4. Many unhoused individuals have pets for companionship. Our non-profit is working with The Street Dog Coalition to have a free clinic for their pets, offering free physical exams, vaccinations, parasite control, and spay-neuter vouchers. This outreach program is the first in Boise and is planned to occur every 3-4 months to keep the pets safe and healthy for the unhoused.